My hair is naturally straight and immediately goes flat after styling. How do I create long lasting volume?

To create more volume, GATSBY recommends Air Rise. First spread product into hands, then apply gently with your fingers to the middle and outer portions of your hair in an upward motion towards the tips. Do not over-apply or apply to the roots. Twist hair into bundles on the sides of your head focusing on the tips. Repeat along the neckline and near the front of your face. If hair becomes flat, repeat this action and use a scrunching motion.

To style my hair in the morning, should I first wet my hair with water before styling?

It isn't always necessary to dampen your hair. If you have "bed hair", you may want to dampen it with a water agent and then fix it before styling. After that, always remember to dry the hair completely—and the tip for drying hair is to dry it while shaping it into your desired style. This will create the base style, and with this you can get closer to your ideal hair style.

My hair is soft and thin, and I can't create movement or get my hair to stand up. Should I use a little extra wax?

Even when your hair is too soft and thin to create movement, it's always best to start with a small amount of wax. Applying the wax all at once can immediately make your hair heavy and flat. As needed, apply wax several times and in small amounts. Also, when you apply wax, try to bond it firmly with your hair. For soft and thin hair, it is recommended to finish your look with a little holding spray to prevent the hair from becoming flat.

When applying wax, should my hair be dry or slightly wet?

To create a desired hair style, it's best to avoid putting wax on wet hair. Instead, you should dry hair while shaping it into your desired look to create the basic form of your style. After the hair is completely dry, you can apply the wax. Depending on texture and length, putting wax on wet hair can cause the outline, form and flow of the hair to change when it dries. Also, if the roots are wet, the volume may be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to use wax after the hair is completely dry.

How can I evenly and thoroughly spread wax over all of my hair?

To ensure the wax bonds well with the hair, use only a small amount to begin and make sure to spread evenly throughout hair. Take a small amount of wax (about half the length of a fingertip) and spread it on your palms and fingertips and between your fingers. The key is to spread the wax so thinly that it becomes colorless. Then, rub the wax evenly from the underside of the hair, without applying it repeatedly on the same area. People tend to apply wax repeatedly when the wax does not spread evenly on the hair; but in fact a single dose of wax should generally be sufficient. If you find the amount too small, then add a little more. Applying too much wax at once causes the wax to spread unevenly and makes it hard for the wax to bond well with all of your hair. First, apply it on the underside, surface, and tips of the hair. Then arrange all of your hair while twisting the tips.

I set my hair with the wax, but it doesn't hold long enough.

You can apply a hairspray finish over the entire hair to maintain the style you created with wax.

What is the best way to apply hair wax?

How to Use Hair Wax:
1.Do not apply a large amount of hair wax at one time.
The amount will vary slightly, depending on the length and amount of hair. Take a small amount of hair wax—about the size of the fingernail of your little finger—and spread it evenly on the palms of both hands.
2.Next, apply a thin, uniform coat and style from the roots to the tips, while lifting your hair upward from the roots. Working from the back of the head, apply to the hair at the neckline and sides. Then apply the thin coating of hair wax that remains on your palms to the bangs and hair at the face line.

Everybody has a different amount of hair, so if the hair wax application is too thin, adjust the amount you use. You can also divide the appropriate amount of hair wax in two, and apply it twice.

If you use a hair dryer to blow your hair while lifting it from the roots, it will be much easier to create movement at the top of your hair.

The type of hair wax you use will also vary, depending on the style you want.


I don't know the right way to wash my hair.

First, rinse the hair with warm water and without shampoo. By rinsing the hair first, you can remove dust or styling agents on the hair, allowing the shampoo to foam easily. Next, take an appropriate amount of shampoo and lather it between your fingers before applying it directly to the scalp. The key is massaging the scalp using the pads of the fingers. Be sure not to use the fingernails while washing, as this may damage the scalp. You may need to double wash your hair, depending on the styling agent you applied. Rinse shampoo thoroughly focusing especially on not leaving any residue on the scalp. Also take extra care to rinse shampoo from the hair line and from behind the ears.

Which hair wax product is best for me?

Please find a detailed description of our hairstyling products on our website. We hope you find the best product to suit your style.

I want to have a cool, short hair style. How do I explain this to my hair stylist?

To get the hair style you want, it's always advisable to consult your hair stylist. The hair style that suits you best depends on a number of factors, including hair texture, head shape, face shape and size—different styles suit different people. Tell your hair stylist you want a cool, short hair style that suits you best. Also, if you know the look you want, grab a picture from a magazine or show your stylist one on your phone. This can make the styling process smoother. Hair stylists welcome consultations with customers, so do not hesitate to ask for our advice.

Is GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series also suitable for women?

Yes. The GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series can also be used by female consumers.

It's hard to wash off the wax from my hair. How can I solve this problem?

The main component of wax is oil. If a lot of wax is used, it may be hard to wash it off with regular shampooing.
■Quick solution
1.Before shampooing and while the hair is still dry, apply and comb a conditioner through the hair.
2.Rinse out conditioner with warm water and shampoo hair as usual.
It is easier to wash off using an oiler agent than the wax.

Note: For best results, make sure to rinse all conditioner from hair before shampooing. Using a slightly warmer-than-usual water will soften the solid components of wax and wash them away more easily. Repeat the above procedure if you are still finding trouble removing the wax.

My hair feels a little greasy after applying the wax.

Wax itself has the power to set and style hair because of its adhesive ingredient. Thus when compared with gel or foam, it is can easily be mistaken for the feeling of greasy. Apply a small amount of wax at a time and work evenly throughout hair. The amount used depends on the overall texture and unique style of your hair. Experiment with the amount of wax you are using to find what is best for you.

My hair tends to dry out and become disheveled. I really want to prevent my hair from drying out and make it look cool!

Dryness may stem from the texture of the hair or could be caused by hair damage. If the hair is damaged, the moisture inside the hair evaporates easily and causes the hair to dry out. To avoid this, use a conditioner or moisture treatment after shampooing. When you have badly damaged hair, apply a treatment to the hair and wrap it with a hot towel for a few minutes. This is very effective in moisturizing the hair. Another trick to prevent further damage is to towel-dry hair by gently wrapping it in a towel without rubbing it. Never rub the hair roughly with a towel. Try to select a styling product that adds gloss and shine. Cool Wet allows dry hair to be styled into naturally shiny hair. Because of its styling power, you can create movement in the hair without reducing volume.

Should I dry my hair with a hair dryer after washing?

I recommend using a hair dryer. Hair can be damaged if it is rubbed while it's wet. First, gently towel-dry the hair by squeezing it with a towel to remove the excess water. Next, gently dry the hair with a hair dryer. This process makes the hair resistant to damage. Also, dry the hair while finger combing it, so that the wet and opened hair cuticles will be tidied up. This makes the hair resilient and beautiful. It also provides gloss and shine, making the hair appear healthy. The worst thing for the hair is to rub it roughly with a towel and then let it dry naturally. Unfortunately, a lot of people make this mistake.

What is hair wax?

The Various Types of Hair Wax:

Today, there are all kinds of products on store shelves called "hair wax." The traditional definition of hair wax is a semi-solid or creamy styling product blended with wax and designed to create hair styles in which the hair is mainly twisted into clusters or pinched into spikes. Its outstanding feature is that it does not solidify after styling, so the hair can be easily rearranged or reshaped.

What is wax?

A wide variety of ingredients are known as waxes. Among them are widely known natural waxes, such carnauba wax extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, and beeswax taken from the hives of honey bees. Japan wax—also known as vegetable wax—is a type of wax extracted from the berries of a type of sumac bush. In contrast, waxes derived from petroleum are called mineral waxes or ceresin waxes and
are characteristically colorless and odorless.

In addition, waxes are widely used in familiar products other than hair wax. In cosmetics, they are used in mascara and lipstick, and in non-cosmetic products, they are blended into car wax and inks for inkjet printers. Some waxes are even used in certain foods, in chewing gum, and as glazing agents in baked goods.

What is the mechanism behind the "mat" or "non glossy" hair wax?

Why is there is no shine or gloss with mat type hair wax?

This styling product contains a solid wax ingredient that has excellent light-scattering properties that diffuse reflected light. These diffused light rays tend to cancel each other out, reducing the hair's shine and gloss.

When I wash my hair, I have difficulty removing wax. What's the best way to do this?

If you have difficulty removing wax, you may want to first rinse the hair with warm water before shampooing. Make sure to run your fingers through your hair vigorously while rinsing it. If you still have difficulty removing it, apply conditioner to the hair after rinsing with warm water, and then shampoo.

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