Accidental contact with the eyes

If the product gets in your eye, DO NOT RUB YOUR EYE. Immediately flush it with clear, lukewarm water.
Avoid flushing with excessively strong running water, as this may damage your eye.
If you have a sensation of pain or dust-like particles in your eye, seek prompt medical attention from an eye specialis.

Accidental ingestion

In case of accidental swallowing or if a product accidentally gets into your mouth:
The raw materials used in these cosmetics are very safe. However, if you accidentally swallow the product, we recommend that you seek medical advice.
If any of the product remains inside your mouth, spit it out. If you have swallowed it, do not induce vomiting. If you remain concerned, consult a physician and bring with you the cosmetic in question.
The following situations are considered highly dangerous. In these cases, get medical attention immediately!

1. If you have swallowed a large amount.
2. If, after swallowing, you are disoriented or feel strange.

Can the GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series and other cosmetic products be used on children?

Our cosmetic products are designed and certified for adult use.
Regardless of age or sex, a small number of individuals with allergies or sensitive skin may experience skin problems caused by the ingredients contained in the products.
Skin conditions differ from person to person; if you notice any abnormality while using a cosmetic product, please stop using it.

In order to prevent any unnecessary occurrences, we recommend the GATSBY MOVING RUBBER not to be used on children.

Could I ever become allergic to the cosmetics I've been using up to now?

Even if nothing has happened with the cosmetics you have been using up to now, it is possible that you may experience a sudden allergic reaction. While the vast majority of people will never have such an experience, certain people with a susceptibility to allergies may experience inflammation, skin irritation, or swelling. After repeated contact with a specific area of the skin, substances such as cosmetics and metals can generate antibodies and, over time, cause contact dermatitis. Allergic reactions are rare, but tend to have a sudden onset. After such a reaction, an allergy to the irritant may persist for life. If you ever have any symptoms when using a cosmetic, you should stop using it immediately—even if it is a product intended for sensitive skin. Consult a dermatologist as soon as possib.

I set my hair with the wax, but it doesn't hold long enough.

Apply a hairspray finish over the entire hair to maintain the style you created with wax.

Is GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series also suitable for women?

Yes. The GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series can also be used by female consumers.

It's hard to wash off the wax from my hair. How can I solve this problem?

The main component of wax is oil. If a lot of wax is used, it may be hard to wash it off with regular shampooing.
■Quick solution
1.Before shampooing and while the hair is still dry, apply and comb a conditioner through the hair.
2.Rinse out conditioner with warm water and shampoo hair as usual.
It is easier to wash off using an oiler agent than the wax.

Note: For best results, make sure to rinse all conditioner from hair before shampooing. Using a slightly warmer-than-usual water will soften the solid components of wax and wash them away more easily. Repeat the above procedure if you are still finding trouble removing the wax.

My hair feels a little greasy after applying the wax.

Wax itself has the power to set and style hair because of its adhesive ingredient. Thus when compared with gel or foam, it is can easily be mistaken for the feeling of greasy. Apply a small amount of wax at a time and work evenly throughout hair. The amount used depends on the overall texture and unique style of your hair. Experiment with the amount of wax you are using to find what is best for you.

The ingredients of the wax have become separated.

Hair wax is an emulsified product and therefore its ingredients are likely to separate when exposed to high temperatures.
The quality of cosmetic products can be maintained only when they are properly stored and used. It is recommended to use the product continuously once it is opened.
If it becomes necessary to store it, please note the following points.
1. Wipe the outside of the container around its opening with a piece of clean tissue paper and put the cap or lid on firmly.
2. Avoid storing it in locations subject to direct sunlight.
3. Avoid storage in locations exposed to high temperatures, humidity, or drastic temperature changes.
If you notice any strange odor, separated components, discoloration, or any other abnormalities when opening the container, this probably indicates quality deterioration. In such cases, please stop using the product.

The wax has changed texture and is now harder than when I first opened the container. What should I do?

The wax product contains water and other ingredients which vaporize easily when exposed to air. Also, as the amount of wax decreases, a larger ratio of surface area of the wax becomes exposed to air causing the ingredients to volatilize and lose their soft texture.
Especially in winter when the air is dry, the water contained in a high-styling-power product such as GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Spiky Edge may vaporize more easily if it is left open without a lid on for a long time during use. Once the wax turned hard, it cannot return to its original state. Please take extra care to put the lid back on immediately after use.

What is hair wax?

The Various Types of Hair Wax:

Today, there are all kinds of products on store shelves called "hair wax." The traditional definition of hair wax is a semi-solid or creamy styling product blended with wax and designed to create hair styles in which the hair is mainly twisted into clusters or pinched into spikes. Its outstanding feature is that it does not solidify after styling, so the hair can be easily rearranged or reshaped.

What is wax?

A wide variety of ingredients are known as waxes. Among them are widely known natural waxes, such carnauba wax extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, and beeswax taken from the hives of honey bees. Japan wax—also known as vegetable wax—is a type of wax extracted from the berries of a type of sumac bush. In contrast, waxes derived from petroleum are called mineral waxes or ceresin waxes and
are characteristically colorless and odorless.

In addition, waxes are widely used in familiar products other than hair wax. In cosmetics, they are used in mascara and lipstick, and in non-cosmetic products, they are blended into car wax and inks for inkjet printers. Some waxes are even used in certain foods, in chewing gum, and as glazing agents in baked goods.

What is the mechanism behind the "mat" or "non glossy" hair wax?

Why is there is no shine or gloss with mat type hair wax?

This styling product contains a solid wax ingredient that has excellent light-scattering properties that diffuse reflected light. These diffused light rays tend to cancel each other out, reducing the hair's shine and gloss.

When I wash my hair, I have difficulty removing wax. What's the best way to do this?

If you have difficulty removing wax, you may want to first rinse the hair with warm water before shampooing. You can remove wax easily if you crumple your hair while rinsing it. If you still have difficulty removing it, you should apply conditioner on the hair after rinsing with warm water, and then shampoo so that you can remove wax effectively. Just try it out.

When does the GATSBY MOVING RUBBER product expire?

If unopened, the GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Series can be safely kept for three years after its manufacturing date.
If the product has not been properly stored or if it has been opened (even once), it requires attention.
Upon opening the product, ensure there is no cloudiness, separation, discoloration or unusual odors, as these may be indicators the product was not properly stored. If it appears satisfactory, you can continue using it.
Avoid storing the product in areas exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity or drastic temperature changes. Keep it away from small children.
Once the product is open, it is recommended to use it to completion as soon as possible.

Which hair wax product is best for me?

Please find a detailed description of our hairstyling products on our website. We hope you find the best product to suit your style. ABOUT MOVING RUBBER

If you need more information, please visit to contact us.